How I started to Cosplay

I found out that Singapore is having 2 cosplay events in November! I cant wait to be there. If cosplay here rules as it does in Norway, me & Dex are going to have so much fun! :)

Yesterday we were out with our new singaporian friends and some people asked me if I were cosplaying. Mostly because I looked like this:


This bring me back to "how i started to cosplay"... you see I love costumes and Im never shy to dress up. So since junior high I would dress up like a school girl, maids or nurse in daily basic, just for fun. This is how I looked like in High School:

And people always kept asking me "what occasion Im dressed up for?". To me I dont need a reason or an occasion, I just like playing different roles. We all liked to play nurse or firefighter, even superhero when we were young. Why stopped? And why not expend the game little bit further?


Another thing they have here that we could also use in Norway is Cosplay rental! How awsome would be to able to rent a cosplay clothes. I know many cosplayer back home have financial problem for getting all the parts for costumes and some just dont have time to put them together. Here we could just go to the store and pick up the suite ;)

As for us, we do not like to re-use our costumes. Eventually we would have to use them again but long time from now hopefully. We are a bit spoiled when it comes to clothing. We usually dont re-wear the out-fit on the parties. If we do then it would be like a year in between so people forgot we even had those clothes :P

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Karri~! :3

28.09.2010 kl.17:52

Jeg digger kostymene dine Mandy!^^

og syntes det er skikkelig tøft at du kler deg ut til vanlig også ;P

btw, cosplay-rental hørtes litt genialt ut!

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