Shopping With Burmese

We have been a week in Singapore now and we have already met a lot of people, mostly burmese people though. Tomorrow we are gonna hang with a local Singaporian guy, I feel its about time, cause today I was following some girls around while they where shopping, and it was boring. They used a lot of timeatone or two different shops and where talking in burmese to eachother. There where no chairs to sit on and almost nothing for me to look at. So I`m looking forward for tomorrow, I need some speeking-in-english-with-a-guy-time.

I`ve also had some problems sleeping the last two days, so I hope I`m exhausted enough to fall asleep early tonight, but I don`t have my hopes up. Because its hot and no aircondition.
But don`t get me wrong, I`m not complaining. Cause it beats the hell out of being in Norway!!!

Right now we`re trying to figure out if we are going to Thailand in a couple of days or not, and for how long.
Life is great sometimes,,,


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13.09.2010 kl.18:58

love the pic, funny

Karri~! :3

28.09.2010 kl.17:54

Asia-turen hres bare ddskoselig ut^^ Jeg misunner dere det kunne dra s si hvor dere vill, s lenge dere vill! :D

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