Style 101: Permanent Straight

We were at the hairdresser yesterday and got our hair done. Now that we are going for "Scene" hair, we need to have our hair straight. Usually we just use the hair straightner but in this hot weather (singapore), the hair doesnt hold straight long. Even back in Norway its only hold for a day. So we are getting a permanent straight or a brazilan blows some calls it.

  U only have to sit like 15min, I was expecting longer.

 The blow dry & straight it.

Voila` and my hair is totally straight! I cut some bangs although I wasnt sure that really suits me. Dex also made his hair straight, cut and even put some extension in it. And the price is really cheap too. Plus the hairdresser is cute too ;)

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13.09.2010 kl.10:34

Så søte dere ble! Veldig synd at jeg gikk glipp av avskjedsfesten, men sønnen min var i et slikt humør at det var umulig for mannen min å være alene med ham. 3,5 åringer har MYE energi...

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