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Our first day in Singapore the police thought Mandy was a prostitute, and later that very same day a woman wants us to be models. Its kind of a funny story actually, for me anyway: Mandy and I was walking down the street to meet James and Charlene. It was a crowded street so we kind of lost track of eacother for a minute. Thats when I walk pass this woman who puts a big smile on her face when she sees me. I didnt find it that unusal because of my hair-color, I get a lot of attention because of it. But when I passed her she started following me. And I was like: Stop following me !( thinking, not speaking ofcourse). And then I saw Mandy and I rushed over to her. Then the woman came up to us and asked us if we where Singaporian, I figured she wanted to sell us something. But then she told us she was a talent scout for a model agency and she found our look very outstanding. So we gave her our number and we moved on with a slightly higher selfesteem.

So far my experience of Singapore has been okay, I have had more jet-lag then I am used to so I havent bin in my best mood. But today I feel like a billion dollar and we are gonna party like there is no tomorrow later tonight.
The prices here is more expencive then I expected so we are gonna search for a cheap but not to shabby place to go out and drink.. We maybe have to search around the place where we live at the moment (red light district) when it seems like its cheaper here then any other place ( about half the price).
I think its gonna be great, and you will here from me about how it went down.

Love out

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11.09.2010 kl.01:49

Wooh! So cool! Good luck with the modelling- if she calls you : )


11.09.2010 kl.09:36

sv; jeg har det n : c


15.09.2010 kl.13:15

She did call him back ;)

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