When you are big on Facebook

When you are big in JAPAN Facebook

We are living on the morden days where socialife pretty only exit online. People no longer asks for your numbers, they want your facebook account. They do not ask you "how are you?", they read your blog.
In a way it can be good thing. You are more intouch with your friends. You can even become internet celebrity!
We used to say "I wanna be on TV". Im sure kids these day says "I wanna be big on youtube".

But there is also a down side. Like where is the quality of friendship?
You can change your onlinefriend easier then you change your socks!
I feel like people love me more online then in realife. They are interested in my life. They adores my pictures and simply wanna be my friends. Ofcourse I do have good friends who I love and cares for me.
But there are also tons of online "friends" who dont really knows me.

I am very social person and I wanna be friends with everyone. I can be too direct or open time to time. Im the kind of person who call the next day or say "lets hang out" after the first meeting. Thatstendto scare offpeople sometime.
Why are they so affriad to get close?
It seem like they only love me or wanna be friends just online.


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stephanie (lavinia hill)

11.09.2010 kl.18:42

I love u guys the way u are:D

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