First day in Singapore and the police wanna arrest me!

Finally we made to Singapore in one piece. Since Norway-Singapore has major time-zone difference my sleeping rhyme is fucked. I woke up 5am this morning and was unable to get back to sleep. So I thought I`ll be a sporty girl and went out for a jog.

To avoid any danger I stayed away from the dark alley and the park. I was jogging up and down the main street when the police stopped me. I was totally culess & scared! They asked me about my background and kept repeating the question. After a while they bought my story and let me go.

Afterward I found out that the area we were staying is the `red light district` of Singapore and they thought I was working the street! If I see someone in shorts and sweaty, prostitute won`t be the first thing come to my mind. But I guess things down here are different.

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kine lys

08.09.2010 kl.14:13

uffda, hehehehe :) godt det ikke skjedde noe at du ble tatt med p politistasjonen eller lignende, eller at mannfolk hadde kastet seg over deg :P

Kyrre Havik Eriksen

08.09.2010 kl.14:41

hehe, slike hendelser er morsomme. Og det kunne jo hende at de trodde du var ferdig hos en kunde :p


08.09.2010 kl.23:53

L000L!! :D hell i uhell, og en utrolig bra historie kunne fortelle i etterkant, selv om det sikkert var litt creepy der og da.

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