California Girl : Katy Perry

I saw Katy Perry video California girl and I just fall in love it. The music video hasn`t gave me excitement since Aqua "Barbie Girl" video. You are probably guessing by now that I love sugar coated things.
Since that video everything in my head has been pink & blue!
Yesterday I even gave Dexter blue & pink Hello Kitty socks (which he wasn't so happy about it).

I`m really obsesses with getting my self a new cute "candy" corset but I cant find it anywhere :(
In the music video they were wearing bikinis with cup-cake/ donuts / lollipop on their boobs.
It looks kinda silly but I think it`s kinda hot too. Or maybe I just like sweets.
If i wear that at least I would attract a fat guy, right?! *LOL*
What do  you think about the out-fit??

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Henni kommenterer til bake <3

02.09.2010 kl.19:50

den sangen e kule (Y)

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