I`m Scene, bitch!

I hate when people call me Emo when I walk down the street! I do not own All stars tennis shoe or wear skinny jeans or cut my self!
And just because I wear black that doesn`t mean I`m Goth either.
Look at the tutu I`m wearing, and all the ribbons and laces, that`s Lolita!

I love pink and I`m easily distracted by pretty shinny things. My hair is big and all the extension and make-up I have on, that`s Scene to you!
If you are going to put someone in tag, at least make sure you get the style right!

(These are Emo Kids)

(These are Scene Kids)
See the style different now? Scene is way too colourful & outrageous for emo person!
But I`m sure it wont be long until next time someone call me Emo!

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06.10.2010 kl.13:41


And a tutu doesn't make you lolita - a petticoat does.

If you're gonna lable people - lable them right.

If you're gonna lable yourself - do it right.


07.10.2010 kl.11:05

Tutu skirts are lolita, it is make with lots of laces and ribbons.

Petticoat is more for Rockabilly.


FYI: I do not label people, the reason i wrote this is because I hate people labeling me.


07.10.2010 kl.13:04

Lace and ribbons are not instant lolita.

Or what do I know, maybe hours of lolita research were wasted.

Lolita petticoat/panier: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/baby/panier.html

Judging by the title of this post, and the post in its entirity, it seems you just put a big fat lable on yourself.

I think that's all I wanted to say.


07.10.2010 kl.16:30

Emo means emotional. Anyone can be emo. It is also mainly a certain type of music (although I'm not sure what kind... Linkin Park, perhaps?). Do you mean I'm emo because I dress in black? How do you know that those on the picture are emo-kids? Maybe they're goth? Don't lable people.

Mandy Dexter

07.10.2010 kl.20:24

Anon: Laces and ribbons not it self make Lolita. It`s all about how you wear it!

Lolita style kinda came from Japan. I`m speaking this as a person who lived there and have this style since I was 16!

Shiva: I agree with you that Emo means emotional, that is why I dont like people call me Emo by the colour of my clothes or the way I wear my hair. As for the pictures, they lable their self. I just google them.

FYI: I don`t mind people putting lable on me, as long as they get the lable right!

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