To *Be* List:

1. Be one of the Norway best Cos-player.
2. Be Oslo`s Scene Queen.
3. Be a owner of awesome clothing store.

All my life everyone`s telling me that I can be whatever I wanna be. Well now I`m going to be what I wanna be.
And if that doesn`t work out, I can at least tell them all "Haha, You were wrong!"

Am I dreaming too much? Well, what would we be without dreams...?

What would we be, without dreams...?

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24.08.2010 kl.18:39

You have already been one of the best cosplayers in norway your Tamaki cosplay was friggin' awesome :3

D Dexter

25.08.2010 kl.10:53

That`s very nice of you to say, but it was Mandys "to be"-list, not mine.


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