Style 101: 50s Rockabilly Katy Perry burlesque Party make-up

Ok I said on my VB yesterday that I will do make-up tutorial today.
I was supposed to do it earlier but I had a photo-shoot.
But better late then never, right?!

The first step is to apply white/base shadow over the eye. Then make a dark corner to get a dramatic look.

Then we bland it out with a brush to make the smoky effect.

Then apply glitter to get more Party/Burlesque look.

Now we are down with the eye-show. Apply mascara and fix your brow. And we are ready to go! ;)

I hope you like the make-up. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me.
And if you want me to do any other look let me know, I love the challenge ;)

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21.08.2010 kl.19:44

fine bilder :)


21.08.2010 kl.19:48

Hei din blogg :D hadde vært hyggleigt med en kommentar tilbake :D


21.08.2010 kl.19:48

fin blogg

være med i konk om å vinne eos. gå til min blogg og meld deg på, hihi

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