Ukens Stil: Gothic Lolita

As you all know I love chaning styles. This week style is: Gothic Lolita.
It`s very popular in Japan.
The style is little bit dark (it is gothic) but you have lolita part where you look cute andf girly. Personally I dont like being all in black. But I do love a bit of the dark side ;)
Evil is fun right?! :P
Since I`m going to Aicon this saturday (convention for manga),
this style is perfect for this week.

So I have my nails done in black but put little bit of purple/red dots on it to look cute.
And heart shape colour diamonds glued on, you can`t see it well in the picture :(

It`s very important to wear cute socks in Lolita Style!

Yes, I am using false eye lashes because it gaves me the dolly eyes you and in Lolita style it`s all about being super duper cute!

Mini hat, flower, headband or ribbions you can use to create the childish look.

Changing syle is fun and cool. So try it out!
And please do leave me comments.
Thank you!


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12.08.2010 kl.16:19

Amazing! I love gothic lolita.~~


12.08.2010 kl.21:05

Du har alltid vt glad i gothic lolita blandingen ja - husker du ogs likte den p vidergende ;)

Jeg vil gjerne fotografere deg en gang om vi befinner oss p samme sted samtidig - men jeg kan ikke garantere for resultatet, for jeg leker meg jo egentlig bare med kameraet..

Hper du har det fint, frken!


15.08.2010 kl.10:05

S st du blev :) det var verkligen sta sockar ;)

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