Make me look like Edward Cullen!

I am neither a Twilight fan nor Edward Cullen fan. But my skin is pale and chicks diggs vampires.
So why not look like one? Btw, pretty boys wears make-up!
If you want to look like a sparkeling vampire or just wanna hook up with Twilight loving chicks, here is the guide:
This HelloKitty make-up kit is what you need(I know you just lost your faith once you hear the word HelloKitty but they have pretty good make-up).
It`s 2 layers. The first is a foundation to make your skin more pale and flawless. The second layer is to make your skin glow and sparkles.

  Pretty make-up kit too ;)

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Nina Amdal

04.04.2010 kl.21:39

Hvor får du tak i det? :D

Mandy Dexter

04.04.2010 kl.21:45

Nina Amdal: Du kan få tak i dem på nette. Skjekk ebay eller denne side:


04.04.2010 kl.21:46

I'm from Vietnam :) .. heh. Sett meg før? o,o

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