Justin Beiber makes me wanna go Pedo!!

What is an age limit to like someone underage and doesnt look like a creepy pedofile?
I mean how many middle age women had a wet dream of our famouse wizard Harry Potter?
Or old guys jerking off to Hannah Montana?

First time I saw High School Musical, I got the tingeling in my pants by Zack Efron so now I`m affarid to turn on the Disney channel. Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens really makes Disney a "Barely Legal" place.

Btw, I google Miley Cyrus and the first pic that came up is this one. Is she taking pic of her self in panties?
Dont we love teenagers with low selfesteem and daddy issues :)
Thanks god for youtube and google, now the pedofiles doesnt have to work hard to get their hands on young girls, hot pic!


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